Session Details

What is shine**
Shine** is a holistic portrait experience. These photo sessions celebrate the present moment in your life. It is a freeing and meaningful space where you will see a document of the hidden beauty in your everyday. It is not posed, uncomfortable or fake. It is a declaration that yes, this season in my life matters and is worth remembering.

The story
The idea for these sessions came out of my six year career as a wedding photographer. Over the years I became confused about why people only hire photographers when they get married or have a baby. And why were these photos always so posed and perfect? I created Shine** in order to give people a chance to document and celebrate their lives without the pressure of a major life event. I care about the in-between and believe that the everyday moment is worth celebrating. Doing these sessions makes me feel alive :)

Who this is for
Shine** sessions are for women. You can choose to do the session alone, with your newborn, or with your entire family.

This experience is for the woman who has been growing and wants to celebrate how far she's come. For the woman who is finally living her dreams and wants images that reflect her joy. This is also for those whose soul needs encouragement. For the woman who is always giving yet needs a space to receive. Shine** is for those in transition who want to remember what life was like. Shine** is for those who are open to soaking up their own beauty and becoming even more free. And let's be honest: it can be scary to be in front of the camera, but i will help you. I'm okay with awkward. People often say that this was the most painless photo session they've experienced. I make it fun and love making you feel comfortable and beautiful. This will be a chance to smile upon how far you've come and honor this phase of your life. Shine** is a chance to celebrate the essence of who you are, today.

The process

Before your session, you will be guided through selecting clothes, songs, and activities that make you feel most like yourself. These preparations help us create a meaningful space for your session. Don't worry, these activities don't have to be elaborate. One woman chose to make her favorite soup during our session. Another woman is a writer, and sat on her balcony and wrote. I've had families play in their backyard or make lemonade and drink it outside. Most of the time I'm following you on your daily routine: giving your child a bath, making coffee, going on a walk. You might also notice lots of dancing in the photos on this site: dancing to one of your favorite songs is definitely an invitation but not a requirement :)

Shine** sessions are usually held in your own home, where you are most comfortable.  It is often said that a person's home is a reflection of their soul. I love showing you what I see in your home: it can be refreshing to get a new perspective on the space you're so used to. Some people choose to go to a place outside the home that they love: one woman did her session at her yoga studio, another family took me along on their favorite hike.

This season in your life matters
The Shine** experience is about believing that who you are today is enough. You don't need to wait to lose weight, get engaged, grow out your bangs, or get a new outfit. You as you is what this is about. You as a single woman--- you where you've finally found your husband--- or you as a mom.  You in the home that you spent years putting together--- or you in the apartment you just moved into this year. These sessions are a chance to create a visual monument that gives meaning to all that makes up your life today.

Shine** sessions begin at $350
Email for more details

Weddings: I do still photograph a few weddings each year. Wedding collections start at $3000. Please email for availability. (photos of past weddings can be found here)

Shannon is based in Woodland Hills, CA and is available for travel.